Friday, August 29, 2008




Radish-------------------2 cups chopped

Onions-------------------1 cup chopped

Red chillies---------------5

Coriander powder--------1 2tbp

Sesame seeds------------3 tbp


Cinnamon----------------few brokensticks

Tomato------------------1 big one

Cumin,mustard seeds-----1/4 tsp each

Oil,Salt-------------------as required


1. Dry Roast Cinnamon,Cloves,Red chillies and sesame seeds on medium-low heat one by one.

2.After cooling grind it a smooth fine powder and keep aside.

3.Next microwave or pressure cook the whole tomato for 8-10 mins.

4.Seperately make a puree of the tomato and se aside.

5.Meanwhile wash the radish thoroughly and chop them into medium size pieces.

6.Heat oil and fry cumin,mustard seeds.When the seeds start sputtering add chopped onions and fry till light brown.

7.Now add the chopped radish pieces and fry till 3/4 cooked.

8.Add in tomato puree ,ground powder ,salt,Coriander powder and some water as per ur required consistency and let it cook for 5-8 mins.

9.See that they are completely done before turning it off.

10.Adjust the spices according to ur taste.

11.Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with rice.


Anonymous said...

Never tasted radish before except for in sambar.hope to try it in the future.

raaji said...

Yaa i have seen most of the people using it in sambar.But i just tried it out as a curry.It tasted good except for it has a very earthy flavor ,which can be disguised with some spices.

Laavanya said...

A korma with radish is pretty new to me... looks pretty!