Wednesday, August 27, 2008



I borrowed this recipe from one of my friend Krishnaveni,who happens to be from

Tamilnadu. Thats why the name 'Tamilnadu Idly'.Its been like 6-7 months that i

havn't prepared idly's at home ,as i have the habit of making idly's with idli rava only.

As i do most of my shopping in the nearby stores ,i've become so lazy to go to an

Indian store just for that .So me and my husband ate Dosas/others only on the

weekend. So one fine day ,when i happened to tell all this to her she revealed the

secret of making this idly.


Urad Dal------------ 3/4 cup of standard US measuring cup

Raw Rice------------2 cups of standard US mesuring cup

Cooked rice---------1/2 cup (left over rice would be good)

Salt------------------to taste


1.Wash and soak Rice,Dal seperately for 6-8 hrs a day before u plan to make idlies.

2.Just an hour before grinding the dal place it in the refrigerator along with water or either grind with cold water. Its just a tip she gave me and i followed...

3.Grind dal and raw rice+leftover rice seperately with less water to get a thick consistency and check it .You shouldnt feel any grainy particles if touched.

4.Transfer both of them into a deep vessel and and mix well with hand. The batter should be placed in a warm place like oven rack overnite to be able to ferment nicely.

5.In the morning the batter rises nicely.Just add salt and mix well. Fill enough water in the idly container and let it come to boil.

6..Smear the idly plates with oil and place required quantity of batter into the moulds one after another.

7.After filling all the plates place the stacked plate arrangement in the idly cooker with boiling water.

8.Cook for 10-15 mins covered or till the whistle comes to play. Turn off and let idlies tray stand aside for 5 mins before taking them out.

9. Scoop out the idlies one by one using a spatula and serve with any chutney of your choice.


Anonymous said...

Thats a big story....idlys look divine.

amrita said...

idlis came out real good...they look so fluffy and perfect.

Anonymous said...

Idli looks so good. I am going to try your method. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

How to know the consistency of batter