Monday, August 25, 2008


First of all its like a big surprise to me

come we are celebrating our First Anniverasary so

soon.I feel as if we have been married like a couple

of months ago, but when we look around all the

memories of our togetherness make us feel its an

ancient relationship.

First of all let me tell you all something.................Am

giving a big surprise to my hubby.Guess what???????

Am going to show all my 6 months long work

of blogging .Yaaa....U are right........

He doesn't know anything about my blog.

Its not just him ,even my family have no clue of all this.

When they see this am sure they will be

surprised seeing my cooking talent and

atlast happy for all my work.Actually i was

just curious at the beginning ,if i too can do

something like the fellow bloggers.

Thats how its all started.Just started it off to

pass some of my time.But didnt exepct it

would be embraced.This makes me really happy.

Thank You All for your Support and Love-----Raaji


sindhu said...

Congratson your first anniversary...
Wish you a happy married life ahead.

anji said...

This is my first time seeing this blog.The layout is really extraordinary.Good luck.Have a nice time together on your anniversary.

srilakshmi said...

Heyy rajii...It is nice to see your blog..its very nice..wish you happy married life ahead..hav a fentastic day...enjoy with ramu..
convey my warm wishes to ramu also..

vinoda said...

Hi rajini...your blog is very nice..m wishning you happy and prosperous married life..hope same happiness and joy continuous for forther also..convey my wishes to ramu too..

archana said...

pape awesome work..its really extraordinary..your blog will be very helpful to many of them..

Anonymous said...

Hey Rajini this is Archana's friend Mallika here hope U rem me.. firstly Happy Wedding Anniversary to U & Ram anna :)..was jst looking at ur blog its excellent and mind blowing ..I guess it took couple of months for u to develop this ,anyways good job Rajini..Have a Happy Life Ahead :)..

Anonymous said...


Your blog looks super neat. You should move it to a dedicated website & start charging for ur recipes :)

BTW congrats on your anniversary.


krishna chaitanya said...

bhabhi im lookin forward 4 u to come to india

raaji said...

thanks sindhu,anji for your wishes.

raaji said...

Hi srilu,vinu.Thanks raa for wishing me .I miss you all.