Tuesday, April 15, 2008




Fat Milk---------------1 litre(for balls)

Evoperated Milk------2 cups(for Ras)of standard measuring cup

Sugar------------------1 cups of standard measuring cup

Elaichi powder--------1/4tsp

Nuts of choice---------few tbp

Lemon Juice-----------1 tbp


1.Boil 1litre of fat milk with 1tbp of lemon juice.

2.Because of the lemon juice the milk curdles and you can notice mass formation.

3.Boil till the whole milk gets seperated as water and solid mass.

4.Turn off and drain the water through handkerchief.

5.Now Donot sqeeze hardly. Just leave it aside for an hour.

6.Now the remaining mass is nothing but paneer.

7.Take the panner in few quantity each time in a bowl and press gently with fingers till it becomes soft.

8.Make balls of lemon size and keep it aside.

9.Dissolve 1/2 cup of sugar in 1-/2 cups of water and let it boil in a big vessel.

10.Drop the balls in rapid boiling sugar water and close the lid.

11.Keep for 5-8 mins until they turn double the size and turn off.

12.Now Boil evoperated milk with 1/2 cup sugar,nuts and elaichi powder

13.Keep stirring occasionally until the milk comes down to half the quantity.

14.Turn off and transfer the balls to milk mixture.

15.Let it cool down .

16.Serve after placing in refrigerator for an hour.

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