Friday, September 12, 2008



This was the cake that i made for our 1st Anniverssary.Till date

i've always tried very simple cakes but never attempted the chocolate cake as i was

quite apprehensive of using the cocoa powder.But somehow i couldn't resist myself

when i was passing by the aile in a grocery store.I quickly grabbed it without any

second thought.Here i am with my new experiment.Though my cake was good but

not as moist i expected it to be, as i over baked it 10-15 mins more.But i dont want to

dissappoint you guys (so just try a little bit if its your first atempt )so i want you guys

to keep checking it as your first 30 mins have passed.


All purpose Flour---------------------2-1/2 cups

Natural Cocoa powder----------------1 cup(I used Hershley's)

Baking soda--------------------------1 tsp

Baking powder-----------------------2 tsp

Vanila extract------------------------2 tbp

Olive oil------------------------------1/4 cup

Sugar--------------------------------2 cups

Eggs---------------------------------2 large ones

Milk----------------------------------3/4 cup

Water--------------------------------1/2-3/4 cup

Salt----------------------------------a pinch


1.Sift flour,cocoa powder,baking soda,baking powder,salt into a mixing bowl.

2.Mix the flour with above ingredients properly to incorporate proper even baking.

3.In a seperate bowl take vanila extract,sugar,eggs(keep them out of refrigerator for 15-20 mins before using until they come to room temperature) and whisk properly for few mins till the mixture turns frothy.

4.Add olive oil and whisk again for few more minutes.

5.Now didvide the flour mixture into three portions and pour the whisked eggs into one portion.

6.Mix properly till all the flour becomes even without any lumps.

7.Now mix the second portion along with milk and mix as described above.

8.Once the mixture is free of lumps add the last portion of flour to it.

9.Now mix properly till the whole mixture becomes thick enough.Add water very little by little and keep mixing till the batter comes to the desired consistency(when u lift the whisk from the batter it should be falling slowly in the form of straight ribbons.That's the consistency).

10.Preheat the oven to 325 degreeF for 3-5 mins.

11.Meanwhile pour the batter into a greased and slightly floured cake pan and bake for 40-50 mins. Since we all like it to be moist its ok if little of it comes along with the fork.

12.Donot open the oven door for the first 20 mins as the process slows down when done.

13.Remove and cool the cake for 20 mins before unmoulding.


srikars kitchen said...

wow... Realllly Wonderful dear... mouth watering cake... Great click... nice entry... thxs for sharing...

Uma said...

mmm. looks so delicious and inviting Raaji! Lovely cake. Belated happy anniversary to you!


lovely cake raaji .. Congrats on your 1st anniversary . hope u had a great time . N there are no conditions for the tag .. just write 7 facts about yourself and tag any bloggers you like

SriLekha said...

mmm! yummy! looks inviting!

shwetha said...

lovely!!!!!!!chocolate cake is my all time favorite........

Usha said...

My wishes on your anniversary...the cake looks good...

Sireesha said...

Cake looks inviting raaji....Belated happy anniversary to you!

Anonymous said...

hey raji,
Wow your cake looks really delicious!
Wish you a happy aniversary .

You have got a great blog dear, I would definately try your version of cake.

Cham said...

Belated Anniversary Raaji. I freak for choco, this one seems to be rich choco cake :) They are delicious ur pieces

Suma Rajesh said...

looks soo delicious and inviting..

Anonymous said...

love it....real yummy

Myviews said...

Wow...looks so delicious and inviting Raaji!Wish you a happy anniversary .

Srivalli said...

Thats really a lovely cake!...nice place you have here!

Hima said...

I love cakes, I am going to bake one today but ofcourse not a chocolate version as me and my husband both do not like chocolate cakes. oh! and it will be eggless too..

rama said...

I always love eating chocolates..i love choc cakes very much