Friday, September 26, 2008



Sugar----------------------------------------------2 cup(I used granulated cane Sugar)

Freshly Extracted Filtered Lemon Juice-------1/4 cup

Water--------------------------------------------1/4 cup

For strips-----------------------------------------I Used Bounty towels.Just divide a

sheet into3-4 sheets and use them.

They should be real neat(dont

use the used/folded one).....Jeans/any

med-thick cloth works too .

One day i found these measurements when i was

looking for a method to make home-made wax....i simply followed it and the first

time i went wrong somewhere.So i decided to go slow and make it happen.....Since

then i could make it on my own and use it for the whole 2 months.The secret lies in

the sugar-syrup formation.

Donot alter the measurements by any chance.......I

used Rice Cup for measuring.....if you follow the exact measurements it works and

you will be scolding urself for spending several dollars on storebought wax/on



1.Take 2 cups of granulated sugar in a sauce pan.Then add 1/4 cup of filtered lemon juice and 1/4 cup of water to the sugar.Mix once.

2.You will notice that the sugar just absorbs the liquid and becomes just a bit watery as shown in the below picture.

3.Place the sauce-pan on medium heat and keep stirring till the whole sugar has melted and can see a light colored liquid.This will take like 8-10 mins on medium-low heat.

4.Now turn the heat to medium-low and keep stirring occassionally..In the process you will observe the liquid changing colors from light-cream to light-yellow to light-orange to light-brown.This process may take some time so be patient and keep observing when the color changes.

5.I had a problem for the first time since i was using a dark bottomed pan where i couldnt notice the color exactly.So for better color visibility use stainless steel pan.

6.When the color starts turning a bit dark from light-brown test the syrup consistency by taking a small spoon of it and dropping few drops in a water-filled transperent glass.

7.When the drops falls to the bottom it should not be dissolved when you try to gather them together,instead they should be able to form a small ball.

8.When you get the correct consistency the color will be near to light to medium brown colored. Now turn off and transfer to any microwavable container.

9.Make sure to never get even a drop of water into the wax,bcoz it ruins the thickness of wax making it ineffective.

10.Do a patch test on a small area to test the tempurature.Use a Wooden spatula or Butter knife to spread out the wax evenly. Apply wax in the direction of the hairgrowth,place strip over it,pell off in opposite direction holding the skin tightly in a single stoke.Wash off and apply any cream.

11.The combination can be stored airtight in a dark place if leftout and can be microwaved for 10-15 secs before re-using it.


Sireesha said...

Very useful information raaji..Never tried making wax at home.....Great post and good job:)

Jaishree said...

Very nice information.good job.. will try...

srikars kitchen said...

Very useful info... thxs for sharing raaji..

Usha said...

How interesting....

Divya said...

Very informative, but I am a little apprehensive of waxing on my own :(

Cham said...

Never made wax at home :) Nice info :)

Suma Rajesh said...

gud job dear....somthing different..

Uma said...

wow, great idea Raaji! thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

never made wax at home.....maybe i should be trying i out..

Raji said...

Thanx a ton for sharing this raaji!!

DEESHA said...

my mom had made wax for me ages ago .. i have never tried it on my own .. i feel its a waste going to the parlour for waxing when it can be done at home, iam too lazy to do it N end up going to the parlour each time

Divya Vikram said...

I was looking for this info recently..Right in time Raaji..And just wanted to know.Should the leftover wax be stored in the fridge?

raaji said...

divya its not neccesary to refrigerate it...u can store it outside.......but make sure u keep it out of reach of ants.....

Ricardo Candeias said...

I'll definitely give this a try, sounds interesting.

Rico :)

Neetha said...

Hi Raaji,
Home made wax was one of the most informative things that you shared with us.Being in US it is not cost effective to go to parlor or buy wax from stores. Yes, it is time consuming to make and wax it yourself, but so is any good thing..

Thanks for helping me with the info about making it.

Springbird said...

hey i tried this recipe today and its perfect.Thanks.