Tuesday, October 7, 2008



This was offered as naivedhyam to Devi on the 8th day of Navrathri.

1 cup=1 cup measured of standard measuring cup
Whole urad dal-------------3/4 cup
Sugar------------------------1/2 cup(I used granulated cane sugar not powder)
Cardommon powder-------1/2 tsp
Ghee-------------------------1/2 cup in melted form


1.Heat a skillet and dry roast the whole urad dal(can used split urad dal also) on low heat till they turn very light brown in color.

2.Cool off and grind to very fine sand-like powder.The overall result will depend on how fine you grind the dal.

3.Sieve the powder.You have to use the fine powder that gets down through the sieve and grind the coarse particles leftover on the sieve again to a fine powder.

4.When done add sugar to the whole powder and mix well.

5.Pour melted ghee to the urad dal-sugar mixture and make medium balls.

6.If not able to form balls use some more ghee and make them into desired size.

7.Atlast Store them in airtight container and enjoy!!!!!

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