Wednesday, October 8, 2008




Moong dal---------------------1 cup

Tomato-----------------------1 big and ripe

Onion--------------------------1 medium one

Green chillies------------------5-6


Garlic pods---------------------4-5 crushed

Tamarind Ball------------------small one

Coriander powder--------------1 tbp

Garam masala-----------------1 tsp


Cumin,Mustard seeds----------1/2 sp each

Red chillies---------------------4

Curry leaves-------------------few

Turmeric----------------------1/4 tsp

Coriander leaves-------------- to garnish


1.Wash and soak dal for 20-30 mins prior to cooking.

2.In a pressure cooker take the soaked and drainedout dal along with chopped tomatoes,slit green chillies,crushed ginger,crushed garlic,soaked and extracted tamarind pulp along with required amount of salt,turmeric.

3.Mix properly and pour 2-1/2 cups of water and cook just for 1 whistle and turn off.

4.Let it stand in the cooker covered for 10-15 mins after turning off.

5.Heat ghee or oil in a pan.Add mustard seeds,cumin seeds,red chillies, and curry leaves.

6.When properly fried add very finely chopped onion to it and fry till translucent.

7.When done add garam masala,coriander powder to it.Mix well and cook for 3-5 mins and turn off.

8.Open the cooker when the pressure is gone and mix the above popu/tadka to the cooked dal.

9.Mix well ,taste it,adjust the spiceness acoordingly.Serve with either roti/rice .



Avocado----------------1 ripe one

Wheat Flour------------2 cups

Water------------------3/4 to 1 cup or as required

Salt---------------------a pinch or two to taste

Chilli powder----------- 3/4tsp optional(if u want it a bit spicy can add more)


1.Slit a ripe avocado into half, removing the pit in the middle and Scoop out the flesh of avocado using a spoon, from each half.

2.Take it into a seperate bowl and mash properly till smooth and fine.

3.Take the wheat flour in a vessel,add salt and red chilli powder and mix once.

4.Then add in the mashed avocado paste to the flour.Mix thoroughly.

5. Now adding water, make dough just like for usual chaati/roti not too soft or too hard.

6.Knead the dough for few minutes then Cover and set it aside to rest for about 15 to 30 minutes.

7.Knead agian for 5-10 mins and make small lime sized portions and press/roll out the dough into a size of ur choice.

8.Complete all the lime-sized small portions and get flat-pan/tava hot by time you finish all of them.

9.Once hot place the chapati and fry it on each side slightly regularly turning/swirling.

10.Can use oil/ghee to smear on the top.Serve with your favorite curry or chutney......


Happy cook said...

This looks delicius. Send it to sra for her event
here is the link

Usha said...

Avocado's is rotis is a wonderful idea,both the rotis and the dhal looks delicious...Last week I tried your uthappam recipe, came out really well, adding the cooked rice made a big difference...Thanks for the tip :-)

srikars kitchen said...

Looks delicious.. gud creative idea... adding avocado really super.. will try... subji also nice...

anudivya said...

Avocado has all the good fat in it, and sometimes I use it instead of butter. Nice use here in the chapathis Raaji.

Sujatha said...

avacado chapathis?? wow, sounds delicious :) very creative.. will try soon.. Dal looks delicious too..

Cham said...

Avocado chapati title intrigue me:) Looks absolutely delish!

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

This is a very creative recipe. Nice combo. Looks so good. Never tried avocado chapathes.

Divya Vikram said...

Sounds delicious Raaji..Avocado chapathi sounds healthy..

Curry Leaf said...

Send it to Legume affair event at Sra's.I love avocado chappathis


Avacado chappathi sounds different and looks good too,wish to taste:))


I finished your tag,when u find time drop in...:)

Priti said...

Roti with avocado..thts new for me...dal and roti looking yummy Raaji...Wish you Happy Dusshera

Sireesha said...

Happy Dusshera to You and your family Raaji!!!

Avocado chapathi sounds healthy and creative...Gr8 combo..

Jaishree said...

Dal and roti looking delicius. Raaji...Wish you Happy Dusshera.

anudivya said...

So Raaji, when are you coming home? We both can indulge in a large portion of pasta! :)

Supriya said...

Raaji, lovely recipes. I'm always looking for variations to the everyday daal-roti. Will definitely try both these.

Ramya said...

I tried Spicy Moong Dal and it tastes delicious. Thanks for posting the recipe