Thursday, November 20, 2008


DAY 20 OF RM#2
I really take care that we consume a lot of leafy vegetables and fruits in our diet.Its been three weeks since we had Spinach/other leaves in our meals.So the other afternoon i started out for a little bit of shopping, but was not sure where i was going ,i simply drove to one of the grocery store just 3 miles away. What a time!!They were out of spinach...what else.....i couldnt go back thats when i found this leafy veggie.I made it the next day.I couldnt find much of recipes on this so decided to go with the usual spinach recipe i make very often.It reallytook me a long time to cook bcoz its tough stems.So the next time i just used the leafs avoiding them and added amchur,tomato to disguise its very slight nutty-bitter taste.Since then it found a corner in my refrigerator.


Collard Greens------------------2 bunches

Onions--------------------------1 big chopped

Tomato--------------------------1 big one boiled,skin peeled and chopped

Garlic----------------------------5 pods chopped

Turmeric-------------------------1/2 tsp

Green chillies--------------------6

Cumin,mustard seeds----------1/2 tsp each

Cumin pwd----------------------1 tsp

Cloves---------------------------3 crushed and powdered

Amchur powder----------------1/2 tsp

Curry powder-------------------1 tsp

Oil-------------------------------5 tbp

Salt------------------------------to taste


1.Wash the collard greens thoroughly along with the stems.Remove the stems that run down from the top to bottom by folding it along the the length of the stem and slicing the leaf down with a knife discarding the stem.

2.Repeat this with a stack of 6-8 leaves. slice them into 1/2 innch thick slices.

3.Heat oil.Add cumin,mustard seeds,garlic chopped,green chillies and saute.

4.Add onions and saute till nice brown.Drop in sliced leaves slowly in batches.

5.Keep mixing till all the leaves are wilted and cover.Cook on medium-low for 20 mins mixing once for every 5 mins.

6.Add salt,turmeric,crushed cloves,chopped tomato and cover.Cook for another 10 mins sirring well in beween.

7.Add amchur powder,cumin powder,curry powder.Cook coverd for another 10 mins.

8.By this time the leaves almost turn dark and thouroughly cooked.Add chopped coriander leaves and turn off.Serve hot.

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G.Pavani said...

its my favt fry looks really yummy..

Laavanya said...

I substituted this for spinach in the palak paneer recipe and it was quite good.

DEESHA said...

it looks really yummy N healthy

n33ma said...

This looks so healthy.I once make a collard gravy and it was such a disaster.

Medhaa said...

this must be really healthy. never tried these greens

Happy cook said...

This looksq really healthy.

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Green yup they come first in my consumption list... I shall try using Collard greens and let you know who it works out... I would like to receive your posts Via Google Reader pls add the subscribe via reader so I can get your posts first hand.

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

mmmmm nice and healthy curry.. my friend makes this kind of curry with spinach.

anudivya said...

Nice... i need to get away from those frozen collard greens and try the fresh ones.

Curry Leaf said...

Coolards greens take a long time to cook.I usually make gravies with dal,but there are lot of American dishes with them.I simply pressurecook them.This looks very lovely and is very healthy

Usha said...

This looks like a nutritious and wholesome way to have collards, normally mine get used in roti's...

Yasmeen said...

Amchur powder sure beats the bitterness of collard greens,healthy curry:)

karuna said...

healthy in vitamin A

Madhu said...

I can a tons of greens,if its cooked this way, cinnamon and cloves are nice additiong to this stir fry.

Priya said...

I love greens, this curry looks healthy n yummy..

Roopa said...

Raaji, I too like collard greens , i have only tried using it to make Pathrodo (Pathra in other languages) , never tried of using it in curries. And about your questiong regarding using Edamame in curries, I have already used it and it tastes equally good, its a bit similar to texture to Lima beans, but the taste is different.