Saturday, October 4, 2008



This was offered as naivedhyam to Devi on the 5th day of Navrathri.

1 cup-1 cup measured of standard measuring cup(get in any US store)

Evaporated Milk ---------1 cup
Orange--------------------1/2 cup
Sugar---------------------1/4 cup
Cashew nut --------------5-6
Ghee----------------------1 tbsp for frying (can add more if u wish to)

1.Peel the oranges, separete them out and take out the white fibres/thread,transparent thin skin from each of them and make small pieces.

2.Heat Ghee and fry raisins,cashews if you wish to and set aside.

3.Heat the Milk in a deep pan and bring to boil .Since its evoporated milk need not boil it for long time till the color of milk changed to creamy hue.

4.If using plain milk then it may be boiled for a much longer time to get nice thick consistency or when the milk has reduced a till half.

5. Add the sugar depending on the type of milk using.....No sugar if using condensed milk else need to add a little bit.

6.When the consistency is hick and smooth ,pour in a serving bowl and let it cool.

7. When it has cooled down add the orange pieces and Serve chilled.

Sending this to Navrathri Festive Food event hosted by LG of Taste of Mysore


LG said...

Thank you so much Raaji for sending Orange Kheer and Wheat Rava Payasam. They both look yumm and Happy Vijayadashmi to you and your family.

Madhuram said...

This one is also new to be Raaji. Orange in a payasam!