Saturday, April 19, 2008




Beerakaya /Ridge gourd----------- 1 big one

Green chillies----------------------- 4-6 depends on their spice level

Tamarind ---------------------------1/2 tsp

Peanuts----------------------------- 1tbp

Sesame seeds-----------------------2 tsp

Oil -----------------------------------3 tbp

Mustard Seeds ---------------------1/2 tbp

Cumin Seeds----------------------- 1/2 tbp

Asafoetida --------------------------a pinch

Chana Dal-------------------------- 2 tbp

Urad Dal ----------------------------1 tbp

Red chillies------------------------- 2

Turmeric---------------------------- 1/2 tsp

garlic --------------------------------2 pods


1.The ridge gourd outer skin should not be completely peeled off.

2.The skin adds taste to just peel the rough part as shown in the first picture.

3.Heat 1tbp of oil in an iron skillet on medium-high heat and add cumin,mustard ,curry leaves and red chillies.Fry till nice brown and set aside.

4.Add remaining oil 6to the pan and Add peanuts, sesame seeds, hing, green chillies, channa dal, urad dal and garlic.

5.Fry them until they are nice brown,cool and transfer to mixer.Make a coarse powder .

6.To the same pan now add sliced ridgegourd and fry for few minutes until cooked.Turn off and wait for 10 minutes to cool.

8.Take them in blender/mixer along with the coarse ground powder,tamarind paste, salt and make a smooth paste.Make it coarse.
10..Add the above tempering to coarse paste and garnish with coriander.
Serve with rice/chapatis.

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