Monday, April 28, 2008




Tomatoes ----------------------4 medium sized
Water---------------------------4 cups of standard measuring cup
Tamarind-----------------------lemon sized ball

Garlic ---------------------------4 pods chopped and then crushed

Jalapenos-----------------------1 chopped

Coriander leaves------ ---------few

Cumin &Mustard seeds -------1/2tsp each

Salt ------------------------------to taste

Oil: ------------------------------3tsp
Curry leaves,dry red chillies--- few

Dessicated coconut ------------1 tsp
Grind to fine powder:
Coriander Seeds,Peppercorn,Cumin seeds----1/2 tsp each
Toor dal--------------------------------------1 tbp


1.Wash and make 2-3 slits on the sides of tomatoes and microwave along with tamarind, few coriander leaves and 4 cups of water on high for 10-12 mins.
2.Let the water cool down and hand squeeze the tomatoes along with tamarond and coriander leaves until the pulp gets out of those tomatoes.Sepaerate and strain the juice.

3Heat oil and add cumin,mustard seeds,curry leaves ,dry red chillies, chopped jalapenos, crushed garlic and fry till done.

4.Add the strained juice,ground powder,dessicated cocnut,turmeric and let it come to a vigorous boil.This takes around 8-10 mins.
5.Now let it simmer on low heat for 10-15 mins more and then turn off.Serve hot.

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