Thursday, July 31, 2008



Instead of curdling fresh milk with acids like lemon juice,vinegar can make it when the milk unexpectedly curdles.Dont just throw it away.Use it to make paneer for surprising paneer tikka snack

MAKES:about 15-20 paneer cubes


Milk--------------------5 cups(i used 2% milk)

Lemon juice-------------1/2 cup(Vinegar can also be used)

Water-------------------1 cup

Muslin/cheese cloth------for draining


1.Heat a well-cleaned pan and pour about 1/2-3/4 cup water in pan before pouring milk to avoid burning at the bottom.

2.Now measure milk and pour into the pan.Maintain meduim heat.

3.Wait till the milk comes to boil.Now mix 1/2 cup lemon juice and rest of the water.

4.When milk boils rapidly pour lemon juice+ water mixture slowly and and keep stirring simultaneously.

5.After a while the milk starts curdling and the whey gets seperated slowly from light greenish liquid.

6.See that the u get lumpy whey bits not just cream.

7.Now line a colander with muslin cloth and pour the mixture into it. Run under cold water to remove lemon flavor and then leave for 20 minutes to let the whey drain off.

8.Squeeze out the liquid and tie the cloth with an elastic band around it. Place the parcel on a board with another board/flat plate on top of it and place some weighted tins on the top board to squeeze out more moisture.

9.After another 30-45 minutes the paneer will be ready.

10.Unwrap , Store in a ziploc bag immediately in the freezer if u want to store it for months.


ramya said...

vw thats great! i will try it for sure if itts easy

supriya said...

Hi raaji.
how are you..
are u back from ur trip...
good to see ur recipes again