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Violet Brinjals--------------10-12 fresh& small

Peanuts--------------------1/8 cup of standard measuring cup

Sesame seeds--------------1/4 cup of standard measuring cup

Tamarind------------------key lime size

Cashew nuts---------------8-10

Onion----------------------1 medium one chopped

Red chillies-----------------7-8

Coriander seeds-----------1 tbp

Mustard seeds-------------1/4 tsp

Cumin seeds---------------1/2 tsp


Cinnamon stick------------1 small one

Turmeric powder-----------1/4 tsp
Coconut powder------------2 tsp

Ginger garlic paste----------1 tsp

Methi seeds----------------few

Salt-------------------------to taste

Water-----------------------as required

Oil-------------------------as required

Sugar/Jaggery------------1/2 Tsp


1.Dry roast sesame seeds,peanuts,cashewnuts,coriander seeds,methi seeds seperately one by one.Donot try to roast them combinely.

2.Let them cool down and then transfer to blender.

3.Now seperately roast cloves,cardammon,cinnamon,redchillies,dry coconut powder together.

4.After cooling transfer them too to blender and make fine powder.

5.In 3 tbp of oil fry curry leaves,green chillies,chopped onions and fry till done.Transfer to the above ground powder after cooling and blend again together.Clean and extract thick tamarind juice.

6.Take about half the powder and mix with little tamarind juice and some water.See that the paste doesnot become watery.It should be thick enough.

7.Add enough salt to it and taste.It should be exactly little tangy,little sweet,little spicy.

8.Place a small amount of paste in each of the slit brinjals(slit them in perpendicular directions)
9.In a pan heat 2 tbp of oil and shallow-fry the stuffed brinjals till 3/4 th done and set aside.
10.Heat 1tbp of oil in a wide vessel and fry mustard,cumin seeds,onions,ginger-garlic paste for few mins.

11.Now add the other half of peanut-onion paste and let it boil with some water,salt,turmeric,remaining tamarind extract for 5-6 mins.

12.When done taste and add the spices accordingly and add the fried brinjals and mix well..owder,remaining tamarind juice,curd,turmeric and enough salt.

14.If neede add somewater and let it boil for 15 mins or so till they become tender.

14.Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with roti or rice.

Sending this to State special event

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