Wednesday, October 3, 2012



Its been quite a long time isn't it?, that I've been away from my small blog-world . I do realize that its not just months buts years, that took me away into a whole new world of joy, surprise, anguish, separation and much more of motherhood. Its quite enthralling to see my little one grow from a tiny ignorant baby to a little smiling machine ,then to a mini-robot(just kidding!!!) and now finally to a Curious George. My little Curious George is now nearing his 3rd B'day and now finally to celebrate a welcome back , Iam posting this hubby's favorite sweet. 


Cracked Wheat--------------1/2 Cups
Milk---------------------------1-1/2 to 2 Cups
Jaggery-----------------------1/2 cup or more(Can use sugar too)
Crushed Cardamom---------3
Ghee Fried Cashewnuts-----1 tbsp chopped
Ghee Fried Raisins----------1/2tbsp


1. Take a pressure cooker and Fry the Cracked wheat in ghee remaining after frying nuts and raisins till nice light brown on med-low flame stirring in between.

2.Now add only 1/1/2 cup milk,crushed cardamom and close the lid .It should take about 3 whistles to cook.

3.After the pressures off remove the lid and add jaggery, nuts,raisins into the hot mixture stirring properly without forming lumps.

4.Check the sweetness and adjust according to your taste. Let it cool and serve when warm. Or add the remaining 1/2 cup milk if you feel the consistency is slightly thick.


Priti S said...

Healthy n yum ....looks so creamy n delish

Priya said...

Omg, after a long, its really wonderful to see a post after a long Raaji..

Healthy and inviting payasam.

Carla Dillon said...

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