Friday, October 26, 2012


Bendakaya Karam Pettina Kura

This is a very regular curry I make with Okra besides the Okra Fry with green chillies. This gives a little bit of Red chilli-Garlic flavor to the Okra. Back home ,this Red Chilli-Garlic-cumin-salt combination when roasted and ground coarsely gives a very unique flavor that can be eaten as it is with hot steaming rice and melted ghee. Another great combination is adding peanuts to above powder combination to make authentic "Palli Podi", which is an other Andhra delicacy.


Bendakaya/Okra----------25-30 fresh
Onion-----------------------1/2 finely chopped
Oil---------------------------3 tbsp
Cumin+Mustard-----------1/2tsp each
Curry leaves----------------few

Dry Roast and Grind coarsely:

Channa Dal----------------3 tbsp
Urad Dal-------------------3 tbsp
Cumin seeds---------------1tsp
Coriander seeds-----------3 tbsp
Red Chillies---------------20-25 dried ones( for spice lovers)


1.Wash the Okra and let it dry throughly before cutting into 1/2" pieces.

2. Take a wide bottomed vessel.Fry cumin,mustard seeds,curry leaves in oil and then add onions,1/4tsp turmeric. 

3.Fry till onions cooked soft and add the okra, and fry on med-high heat for 10-12mins and add salt.

4.Fry for 3-5 more mins until 3/4th cooked and then add the coarsely ground powder and mix.

5.Let it cook with lid closed and flame reduced to med-low for 8-10 more mins until okra is completely cooked and soft.


Usha said...

Simple and delicious, love it :)

Priya said...

Love this stir fry with curd rice.Irresistible.