Tuesday, October 9, 2012




Chikudukaya/Val-papdi-------1frozen packet(found in Indian store)
Onion----------------------------1 med one
Red Chilli Powder--------------1-1/2 tbsp
Grated coconut------------------2tbsp
Oil---------------------------------3 tbsp
Turmeric pwd-------------------1/4 tsp
Curry leaves----------------------few

Dry roast and grind to coarse paste:

Channa dal----------------------2tbsp
Corinder seeds------------------2tbsp
Cumin seeds--------------------1tsp
Dry Red Chillies---------------2


1.Cut the frozen packet into a bowl and let it defrost for about 15-20 mins at room temp. 
Note: The packet come as whole or halved pieces. I prefer mine to be little chopped .So you can either them the way they are or make them into smaller pieces by chopping them all together randomly instead of cutting each and individual piece. I also do not put them in water as they become soggy instead fry the half-defrosted on high flame for couple of mins.

2.Heat oil, add curry leaves, onions, turmeric and sauté till they are soft and then add ginger garlic paste and fry nicely for another 3-4mins.

3.Add the pieces and fry on high for about 5-7mins or until the pieces are completely out of water .

4.Add salt and fry them uncovered on med-high flame for another 8-10mins until they are 3/4th cooked.

5.Now add the red chill powder, ground paste, grated coconut and cook covered on med-low flame for another 5-7mins or until the pieces looks like they have absorbed all the flavors perfectly.

6.Turn off and serve hot with Rice. 

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Priya said...

Simple and delicious fry.