Saturday, March 29, 2008



SERVES:2 people


Raw Rice-----------------------1/4 cup of standard measuring cup
Thick Yogurt------------------1/2 cup of standard measuring cup
Milk----------------------------1/2 cup of standard measuring cup
JalapeƱos-----------------------3 chopped
Mustard,Cumin seeds--------1/2 tsp each
Pepper corns-------------------1/4 tsp slightly crushed
Channa dal,Urad dal---------1 tsp each
Cashews------------------------1 tbsp coarsely chopped
Curry leaves-------------------few
Chopped Ginger---------------1tbsp
Ghee/Oil------------------------2 Tbsp


1. Prepare the rice before hand by pressure cooking rice with water in the ratio of 1:3(rice:water) .

2.Let it cool down till warm and mash lightly with a spoon and add slightly warm/cold milk to it.

3.When the Rice-Milk mixture cools down completely add Yogurt, Salt and mix well.

3. Heat ghee/oil and add Cumin seeds ,Mustard seeds, Hing, Jalpenos, Chopped Ginger, Channa dal , Urad dal, Cashews, Curry leaves one by by and fry till dal and cashews turn nice light brown in color.

4. Transfer the above tempered mixture directly over the Rice-Yogurt mix and combine well. Serve with pickle.

Note: If after some time the Curd Rice becomes tight add some yogurt to loosen it up.

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