Tuesday, March 18, 2008



Makes 12-15 dosas


Semolina/UpmaRava ------------ 1/2 cup of standard measuring cup

Rice flour --------------------------1/2 cup of standard measuring cup

Maida /All Purpose Flour-------- 1/4 cup of standard measuring cup

Coriander leaves ------------------1 tsp chopped

Curry leaves ---------------------- Few crushed

Green chillies -------------------- 2 chopped

Ginger-----------------------------1 tsp chopped

Hing, Pepper pwd----------------a dash

Cumin seeds----------------------1/2 tsp

Salt --------------------------------to taste

Water -----------------------------1-1/2 to 2 cups of standard measuring cup

Oil ------------------------------- for frying


1.Mix the rava , both flours, salt and the rest of ingredints except water and oil. Mix the dry ingredints properly in a large bowl.

2.Add water and mix to see that the batter is as thin as buttermilk and free flowing(rava soaks up lot of water while cooking. )

2.Heat pan with oil and add mustard seeds,cumin seeds,green chillies,ginger,curry leaves and onion.

3.Heat a non stick pan on a high flame for 1 minute and smear 1 teaspoon oil on the pan.

4.Either sprinkle the batter or use a laddle to pour the batter on and Pour 1/2 tsp oil on the dosa.

5.Cook for a minute or two till the dosa starts to become slight brown on the bottom.

6..Always keep the flame medium-low while pouring the batter except the first dosa.Rava dosa should be cooked on a high flame.Serve hot!!!

IMP:As you keep making dosas the batter starts becoming slightly thick as the rava keep settling at the bottom making it thick. so accordingly keep stirring before pouring in the batter on the pan or add little water in between. But still see that the consistency is maintained. After every dosa smear the pan with half-cut onion.

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