Tuesday, March 25, 2008




Maize/Corn kernel--------2 (Quite tender)

Water--------------------as required for boiling

Salt---------------------- to taste.

Pepper------------------- to taste

Butter---------------------2 tsp


1.The corn kernels that i purchase here are quite tender,milk juicy and not like the one's in India(very hard).So when you got the hard one's its better to pressure cook them rather than the simple microwave method.

2. Remove the outer part part of the kernel along with long fibrous threads

3.Clean it properly with water few times.

4.Take some water in microwavable dish sufficient enough to place the cobs and boil in them. Then add salt to it.When you taste the water it should be slightly salty.

5.Can either place the whole or break the cob into either 2 or 3 peices.

6.Place them in the salted water and microwave in high for 8-10 mins slightly turning after every 3 mins each..

7.Now the cob has turned to a very bright yellow color and quite juicy and tender when tasted .

8..Let it cool down and have fun with smeared butter and some sprinkled pepper on it.


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