Saturday, November 3, 2007




Potatoes -------------------2 big ones

Oil-------------------------- 2 tsp

Salt-------------------------to taste

Chilli pwder---------------- as required


1.Wash potatoes and peel the outer skin.

2.Slice the potatoes into thin sliceseither using a knife or slicer.

3.Make sure they are not too thick or uneven.

4.Take little quantity of oil and brush over the plate.

5.Take a microwave safe plate .

6.Place the slices on the plate and brush the other side too with oil.

7.Sprinkle with salt and chilli powder.

8.Place in microwave for 2 mins.

9.Depending upon the thickness of slices cook time can be varied.

10.Turn over the slices and microwave for another 2 mins.

11.Take off the slices from the plate before it cools down or else they stick on to it.

12.Serve as side dish or evening snack.

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