Thursday, August 6, 2009



Few weeks back on one of my regular doctor visit, I simply stumbled upon one of their monthly subscription(don't exactly rem) which has simple columns on diet,baby-stuff, food for moms-to-be, parenting tips,...I was kind of picturing my boy from their fancy ad-pages ...and then slowly my eyes settled on one of those pages...excited enough to lookup for the ingredients. It seemed almost like I have seen this before somewhere other than this magazine ...but where???? Came home Image googled it with name "Orange Dessert" .As a match to my search,I could find sorbet recipe with the same serving style and then this. I clicked on the image...It leaded me to a very colorful blog Mishmash. The recipes ,her style, her attitude really thrilled me...she had a very good blog that i somehow missed all these days... I somehow managed to create a twin of her delight with slight changes...but I guess hers would have been heavenly..Thanks to her.! And thats it...It ended up in my blog with the same cool idea of serving the goodness of orange in halved and scooped-out orange cups. It has akind of creamy texture to it ,with the tangy flavor from oranges making it quite enjoyable esp in this hot season.


Fresh Orange Juice---------------1 cup(I squeezed from 3 navel oranges)
Whip cream-----------------------1/2 cup or can add more.
Sweetened condensed milk------3-4 tbp or more
Unflavored Gelatin---------------1 tbsp melted in the above orange juice
Any chopped fruit bits------------3 tbp


1.Whip the cream until it doubles in volume and has nice creamy texture.

2.Add sweetened condensed milk, orange juice ,chopped fruit bits and mix well gently.

3.Adjust the condensed milk if you feel its less sweet. Chill for 5-6 hrs and then serve as desired, either in orange cups or dessert bowls.


Priya said...

Congrats Raaji...enjoy all these important and memorable moments hearty wishes to you..take care of u..Orange delight looks amazing and fantastic yaa!

rekhas kitchen said...

so tempting and delicious looking dessert raaji looks great.

Chitra said...

It looks delicious :)Nice click:)

DEESHA said...

wow thatz a beautiful dessert .. a must try Raaji

Varunavi said...

Looks and sounds delicious,eat healthy :)

Shanavi said...

breathtaking clicks n creativity !!!