Sunday, February 17, 2008



INGREDIENTS: makes 10-12

Wheat Flour ------------1 cups of standard measuring cup

Coriander Leaves------- as required

Green Chillies----------- 4-5

Ginger -------------------1/2" piece chopped

Garlic--------------------- 2 pods chopped

Cumin Seeds------------ 1 tbp

Pepper Powder ----------1/2 tsp

Warm Water ------------to make a dough

Salt ----------------------to taste

Oil -----------------------4 tsp

Butter/Ghee------------ for frying


1.Take Wheat flour,salt,Cumin Seeds,chopped green chillies,Cumin seeds.pepper and Coriander leaves in a wide bowl.

2.Mix them well.
3.Now add 2 tsp of oil to the flour.

4.Add water slowly making a soft dough.

5.Knead he dough for 3 mins and keep aside with 2 tsp of oil on it for 30 mins.
6.After 30 mins knead the dough for approximaely 5-10 mins.

7.The more time & more oil the sofer comes the chapatis.

8.Make equal round balls and roll them out using flour in beween .

9.Place each on a heated frying pan with some butter/ghee.

10.Fry both sides till they appear to be fried.

11.Serve with chutney or curries

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