Tuesday, December 18, 2012



                                    I had some Dates sitting in my pantry for the last couple of weeks and was quite exited to try this Dates cake as it needs very few ingredients and less time. This cake was totally moist with nice flavor that does not taste anything like an eggless cake.The color resembled that of a chocolate cake(one with very little cocoa pwd) ,but not in taste. It does not taste like a regular sugar cake due to the presence of Dates sweetness. Try this and you will like it for sure!


Soft Dates--------------18-20 (not the hard dry type)
All Purpose Flour-----1 cup
Butter-------------------1/2 Cup + 1tsp for buttering pan 
Sugar--------------------2/3 Cup
Baking Soda-----------1 tsp
Milk---------------------3/4 Cup
Chopped Nuts---------1/3 Cup(optional)


1. If using a seeded Dates, remove the seeds and microwave with milk for 5mins till soft.

2.When cold grind the cooled Dates with enough milk(leftover after MW dates) to a smooth paste.

3.Add Sugar, melted Butter and whip until nicely combined. Use the entire milk portion and mix thoroughly after transffering to a seperate bowl.

4.In a separate bowl, mix All purpose flour, Baking Soda until well combined and slowly add portions of it to the wet mixture bowl. Add chopped nuts too and combine well till a thick smooth batter is formed.The batter could be sometimes grainy due to the dates not properly ground to paste. This should be fine as long as the batter is free of lumps.

5.Preheat oven to 350 for 10mins and grease the pan with butter and transfer the entire batter to the pan and place in the middle rack and bake for 35-45mins until fork/knife inserted comes out clean.

Note: After 35mins the outer 1-1/2" part of the cake was nicely baked and the fork came out clean while the middle portion of the cake was still moist. So I baked 10mins more.  

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Priya said...

Simply love this cake, looks fabulous.