Tuesday, January 15, 2008



I made these a couple of times(just for records but i guess it could be more..) but everytime it was messy..either the dough was not correct or the stuffing would pop out from allover.The first time i made them was for the last years Sankranthi ,which with no ones help and little knowledge/dedication made the dough and stuffing so perfectly that i couldnt stop looking over at them again and again for my so called meticulous work...But my happiness didnt stay any longer...I stuffed the stuffing in the dough balls,rolled them out and the only dumbest thing i could do is place the rolled out ones on top of each other.I dont know what i was thinking???And of nowhere my hubby came and asked me to comeover to help him with choosing an apartment.We left,came after 2 hrs and then i was so excited to make my hubby taste them.But was too late!!!They became sticky and i couldnt help myself with them.......What else could i do those???...I mixed them all together to form a single dough and roll them out as chapathis.....That wasnt that bad ....From then on i was so careful when it comes to making these bakshalu.......This time i made them and they were sooooo beautiful.....no i wont say that this time!!!

INGREDIENTS: Makes appx 12-15

All purpose flour/Maida------------ 1 cup

Rice Flour----------------------------1 tsp

Sooji----------------------------------1 tsp

Channa dal---------------------------3/4 cup

Jaggery-------------------------------1-1/4 cup or less depending on the sweetness

Milk&water-------------------------- for mixing dough

Salt -----------------------------------pinch

Cardammon powder---------------- 1 tsp

Nut meg powder --------------------1/2 tsp

Oil ---------------------------------as required

Ghee------------------------------- as required


1.Mix both the flours,sooji,salt,1 tbp of oil and enough of water&milk.

2.Make a very soft pliable dough and set aside for 30mins.

3.Wash and soak channa dal in plenty of hot water for 30 mins.

4..Pressure cook dal till its soft but not broken.

5.Drain out the water,damp wet, let cool and grind to powder without any water.

6.Add jaggery to powdered dal and cook over medium-low flame.

7.Avoid burning the bottom of pan by mixing continiously.

8.The correct consistency is reached once the mixture gets thick & accumalates to middle leaving the sides . See that there are no lumps.

9..Cool down and add both powders and mix well .

10.Take the flour dough and knead well pouring 1 tbp of oil for 5 mins.This step gives extra softness to them.

12.Make small balls and roll out with rollpin.

13.Place dal & jaggery mixture (twice the size of flour ball) in the center.

14.Bring all edges from around to the centre & cover to make a tight ball.

15.Roll, using rice folour to dust, to a chappathi about 6” in diameter.

16.Heat a flat tava.

17.Roast this on medium heat. Flip it & roast the other side.

18.It will become golden coloured on both sides. .Remove & smear ghee


ramya said...

hi raaji
thanx for recipe.
actually i was unable to make perfect ones bcoz of flour mixture.but now i can make them really good

ramya said...

i really liked the way u presented the dishes .